The creepy ones that make you turn the lights on...

Scariest video game enemies

Video games have, over the past several years, improved drastically from a graphics perspective. This translates to some fairly believable characters, some of which are a little too believable.

Below are various pictures and descriptions of the video game enemies that I've found to be the scariest, and most disturbing from games I've played. These are some graphical assailants that virtually beg you to turn the lights on.

Scariest video game enemies

Cherubs, Doom 3, Xbox / PC
Not so much scary as utterly disturbing, a cherub could be described as having a human baby torso and head (legs are absent), wings similar to those of an insect, and pronged claws. You can hear buzzing as they fly towards you from a distance, murmuring in “baby talk” as they approach.

Condemned Xbox 360 mannequin

Mannequins, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Xbox 360
You accost these delightful entities as you are walking through a pitch-black room with your flashlight. Passing by a couple mannequins doesn’t signify the need for alarm
after all, you’re in an abandoned store. Of course, when you turn around and realize they have moved, it gets dicey. Then, you hear something and suddenly realize they are marching towards you in lockstep.

Scary iron maiden from RE4

Iron Maiden, Resident Evil 4, GameCube / PS2
This aptly named regenerative mutant has spikes protruding over it’s entire body that it uses to impale you with
if it can catch you. It limps and spasms as it slowly and relentlessly chases you. Once you figure out how to gun it to the ground, it continues crawling after you.

Doom 3 pinky enemy

Pinky, Doom 3, Xbox / PC
These half-alien, half-robotic, eye-less nightmares are like sharp-toothed bulls on cybernetic wheels. Their roar literally shakes the screen. When they are alerted to your presence, and begin charging, things get a little frenzied.

Creepy bloody footsteps from Doom 3

Bloody Footsteps, Doom 3, Xbox / PC
Ok, you’re cautiously progressing down a steel walkway, when you notice bloody footsteps appearing in front of you. They continue unabated, after which you hear a ghostly voice say, “Follow me...” They disappear through the door ahead, and after you pass through, the room turns deep red and you hear a baby screaming. Check please!

Scary living statues from Bioshock

Living Statues, Bioshock, Xbox 360 / PS3
The idea for these may have been borrowed from Condemned, but it was no less startling. Same type of deal, you walk by some ornate statues that appear to be made of stone, hear a noise, turn around instinctively, and think to yourself, “Weren’t there statues there?” As soon as you realize something’s awry, they are already charging you from the dark corners of the room.

Prey Xbox 360 children enemies

Red-eyed Children, Prey, Xbox 360 / PC
Whenever video game or movie directors use children to portray something creepy, it usually works. I found the glowing-eyed children who run after you in one section of this game to be particularly disturbing. But, more than the sight of them are the sounds they makediscontented whispers, as if they are communicating with each other on a coordinated attack. Keep in mind, this also takes place in a dimly-lit, you-can-hear-a-pin-drop environment.

Creepy Greyjack PS3 R:FOM

Greyjacks, Resistance: Fall of Man, PS3
I remember cautiously approaching these 15-foot abominations (reminiscent of a praying mantis) mainly because, once they noticed you, it was on. They would run at you, in a type of uncoordinated gallop, that not only made them tough to hit, but it was unnerving too. Plus, they could absorb unholy amounts of ammo.

* The reason most of the above video games are fairly modern is because, in my opinion, we’ve only recently begun seeing games that can graphically convey more realistic interactions, as well as more believable environments. It could be argued that this new medium provides the platform necessary to truly portray “frightening” game situations and characters. For example, I don’t ever remember being “scared” while playing an NES or Sega Genesis game, despite the notion that I was much younger and that type of emotion should have been easier to conjure up.