The toughest bosses, scariest enemies, funniest quotes, and tons more...

Video game articles

Below are a few video game articles I've written, including the following content: toughest video game bosses (from the NES to the Xbox 360), my video game collectibles (sealed TurboExpress and Atari Jaguar, Quake figurines, etc), the funniest video game quotes (pulled primarily from the NES, Neo Geo, Arcade, and PC), shocking video game executive quotes, video gaming history (the Atari E.T. debacle, etc), the scariest video game enemies (the ones that make you turn on the lights just to be sure), my favorite video game characters (the G-man from Half Life, Sander Cohen from Bioshock, etc), video game trivia (really surprising ESA facts, Nintendo lore, etc), gaming rants (so annoying!), and even video game stocks (corporate profiles, symbols, and famous video games).

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